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17 Step For Securing Health Information

We aim beyond the industry standard

For members

1. Reduce Social Security number (SSN) use.
2. Enable faster, more secure patient identification at the doctor’s office.
3. Assess our vendors and how they protect our data.
4. Decrease phishing through a trusted DMARC email program.
5. Implement strong mobile security measures.
6. Use malware detection and prevention.
7. Improve the security of online payment processing.

For health plan sponsors

8. Reduce SSN use and offer safer options.
9. Consult to improve their information security practices.
10. Implement inbound phishing protection.
11. Use advanced technology for protection against malicious code.
12. Introduce new disaster recovery capabilities.

For partners

13. Deliver a consumer authentication model for mobile.
14. Design a model for authentication and eligibility verification that minimizes personal data exposure.
15. Promote information sharing through the NH-ISAC —
16. Offer our cybersecurity consulting.

17. Continue to raise the bar going forward.

Now that’s innovation

Innovation Health is transforming the health care journey. Through innovative programs, coordinated care, and remarkable access, our health plans are personalized to fit our members’ needs. Discover how we are helping members achieve their health ambitions right in their community.

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