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Real people, real stories

With an Innovation Health insurance plan, you get high-quality, affordable and convenient care. We’re transforming the way health care is delivered. See for yourself how two of our members received exceptional care. You’ll also see why our coordinated care model works.

Meet Liam**

Boy with headphones on laying on the floor. Boy with headphones on laying on the floor.

Liam is a young boy who had been complaining about not feeling well and has lost a significant amount of weight. While under another health plan, his parents lost everything, including their home, spending money trying to find out what was making him so sick.

With our help* Liam was diagnosed and treated for an extreme case of inflammatory bowel disease. With treatment, he gained back around half of the weight he lost. We put his family in touch with a social worker who provided resources to help relieve the financial burden. Liam is on the road to recovery and gaining weight while his family receives much needed assistance.

Meet Lisa**

Mom outside with daughters. Mom outside with daughters.

Lisa’s teenage daughter was dealing with an array of behavioral and medical conditions. Lisa struggled to find the right treatment for her daughter. When she did find treatment, the costs were difficult to manage.

With our help, Lisa was given a $500 hardship grant. And we connected Lisa’s daughter with a nutritionist and helped improve collaboration between her doctors.

Now, Lisa can focus more on her daughter and the rest of her family.

* The Multi-Disciplinary Care Team does not provide medical care. They assist members in getting the care that they need.

** Based on an Innovation Health member’s experience. Name has been changed to protect privacy. Members of the multi-disciplinary care team and the Nurse Concierge do not provide medical care. They assist members in getting the care that they need.

These stories aren’t meant to give any medical advice or recommend any specific health care strategy or course of treatment. If you have specific health care needs, or may be in need of health care treatment, please see a doctor or other health care professional.

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Innovation Health is transforming the health care journey. Through innovative programs, coordinated care, and remarkable access, our health plans are personalized to fit our members’ needs. Discover how we are helping members achieve their health ambitions right in their community.

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