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Real health care success stories about our members

When you buy an Innovation Health insurance plan, you get access to high quality care at a low cost. Backed by two industry leaders – Aetna and Inova – we’re transforming the way health care is delivered. But, don’t just take our word for it. Experience real stories from two of our members below and discover why our coordinated care is exceptional.

Meet Sanford**

iStock-538045118_640x384 iStock-538045118_640x384

Sanford inherited an increased risk of early onset cardiovascular disease.

His cardiologist prescribed a drug for high cholesterol — it cost $200 out of pocket for every refill. The Innovation Health nurse concierge worked with his doctor to find an equally effective prescription that only costs $10 per refill.

That saved him $2,280 per year.

Plus, it saved Innovation Health $381,503 per year.

Meet Rebecca**

GettyImages-606351359_640x384 GettyImages-606351359_640x384

Rebecca has depression and was recently in the emergency room (ER) for anaphylactic shock. She has six prescription medications.

We called her to make sure she knows why she was in the ER. We wanted to determine if her depression is well-managed and that she’s taking her medications as prescribed.

Next, we helped schedule an appointment with her primary care physician so they could set up a good care plan post-ER visit. If not, she could have very well ended up back in the ER.

**For illustrative purposes only.

Names and some details have been changed or omitted to protect member privacy.

These stories are not intended to provide any medical advice or recommend any specific health care strategy or course of treatment. If you have specific health care needs, or may be in need of health care treatment, please see a doctor or other health care provider.

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