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How We Help You

How we help members beyond their insurance needs

We provide even more help during a health crisis or when you need chronic care. Unlike other insurance companies, we work with providers to understand what care is needed and when. We work together every step of the way.

When your health care needs stray from routine PCP visits and flu shots, we’ll step in to help. We know that when members deal with complex health issues they need our help. Because unless that member is an expert in medicine, insurance, and understands all the services available to them, there’s a good chance there’s a gap in their care.

So, we’ve hired experienced professionals such as a nurse concierge. The nurse concierge reviews the records of members who show signs of distress like:

  • Multiple visits to the ER
  • Several behavioral health issues
  • Taking multiple prescriptions, including over-the-counter medications

The nurse concierge also looks at electronic health records and claims for each member to help anticipate possible care issues.

Then, there are times we have to take it to a whole new level. Some members need more than a nurse concierge. Their needs are so great and complex, the nurse concierge accesses a diverse group of health care professionals including a medical director, pharmacist, case managers, social workers, and other specialists. Together, they can help members get the care they need.

Please note that the Nurse Concierge and the multidisciplinary group of professionals do not provide health care.  They help you get the health care that you need.

The Partnership

Together, Aetna and Inova are taking a new approach to the way health care is offered. With this innovative partnership, these two industry leaders aim to provide more efficient and effective patient care at a more affordable cost. By joining the right medical professionals with the right technology, patients receive the benefit of quality, personalized health care. 

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