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This video is illustrative and does not reflect actual events experienced by an Innovation Health member. It is intended to show the type of coordinated experience you can receive as an Innovation Health member.

Real health care success stories about our members

When you purchase an Innovation Health insurance plan, you get high quality care at a low cost.  Backed by two industry leaders – Aetna and Inova – Innovation Health is transforming the way health care is delivered. But, don’t just take our word for it. Experience real stories from three of our members below and discover why our coordinated care is exceptional.    


Doctor examining baby with the mother in the exam room holding her baby daughter Doctor examining baby with the mother in the exam room holding her baby daughter

Sarah*, a new mom, brings her 2-month-old baby, Amy*, to the hospital. Amy has gained only 12 oz. since birth. The Innovation Health Care Coordinators learn through the daily data-sharing trigger that Amy is admitted to the hospital.

The Innovation Health Care Coordinators meet with Sarah while she’s in the hospital. They learn she is feeding Amy every 3 hours. They suggest Sarah feed her baby more often or whenever she cries. And, they let her know about help for new parents, and set up home nurse visits to check on her baby.

Due to Innovation Health’s intervention while she was in the hospital, instead of after she left, Sarah learns how to help Amy gain needed weight quickly. And, nurses come twice a week to weigh Amy. Sarah’s baby is thriving and avoids another hospital stay, and they both benefit from home care assistance. 


Parents with infant daughter Parents with infant daughter

Gayle* is admitted to the hospital for complications during her pregnancy. She delivers her baby ten weeks early by C-section. Because of daily exchange between the Innovation Health teams, a trigger identifies Gayle as being higher risk for depression.

Gayle’s Innovation Health case manager consults a behavioral health specialist to learn how to best help Gayle. She calls Gayle and learns that she doesn’t have depression, but learns that her C-section incision is red and sore. The case manager notifies Gayle’s doctor about her symptoms.

Her doctor orders antibiotics immediately. Gayle avoids being re-admitted for infection following her C-section. And, she has the Innovation Health maternity program resources that her case manager shared with her to find help for future concerns. 


Woman on couch looking into the distance Woman on couch looking into the distance

Jane* has been in the  hospital many times for treatments due to brain injury, stroke, and respiratory complications, and she needs therapy, home care, and 24-hour supervision.

Through Innovation Health’s care teams, Jane’s care manager learns of recurrent hospital stays and complications. She calls Jane who tells her she ‘cannot take much more’ and shows signs of serious depression. Her care manager recognizes the warning signs of depression and refers her to a behavioral health specialist.

Because of the Innovation Health care teams’ encouragement, Jane meets with a behavior health specialist to discuss her depression. She was also referred to a program to help her deal with her financial stress. Jane is now getting the help she needs and is being monitored for her mental health status.

*Innovation Health member experiences, 2013. Names and some details have been changed or omitted to protect member privacy.

These stories are not intended to provide any medical advice or recommend any specific health care strategy or course of treatment. If you have specific health care needs, or may be in need of health care treatment, please see a doctor or other health care provider.

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Together, Aetna and Inova are taking a new approach to the way health care is offered. With this innovative partnership, these two industry leaders aim to provide more efficient and effective patient care at a more affordable cost. By joining the right medical professionals with the right technology, patients receive the benefit of quality, personalized health care.

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